Why Calendars?

We Know Calendars!...
Founded in 1996, The New York Calendar Company is a manufacturer of custom calendars and a distributor of an extensive line of stock calendars. Located in Garden City, Long Island, The New York Calendar Company provides in-house design, printing and fulfillment for all your calendar needs.

Why Calendars?
87% of all calendar recipients can name the business whose advertisement is on their wall!

Calendar Facts

  • 98% of all homes & virtually 100% of all business use at least One Calendar
  • Households use an average of Four Calendars per Home.
  • 85% of all Home Calendar Users do business with the firm that supplies their Advertising Calendar.
  • 87% of all household recipients and 94% of all business recipients can recall the advertising message which is displayed on their Advertising Calendar.

The Purpose of Calendar Marketing

  • Builds Brand Identity
  • Invites Business and Builds Goodwill
  • Stretches Advertising Dollars
  • Builds Loyalty
  • Targets Specific Groups Through Controlled Distribution
  • Creates a Visual Image - Tells a Story
  • Introduce a New Product
  • Unique Advertising Sign
  • Anniversary
  • Public Relations
  • Unique Promotional Tool
  • Wall Catalog of Product
  • Coupons to Build Traffic
  • Employee Involvement Program